WATCH: ‘The Walking Dead Onslaught’ VR game trailer


For a while now, video game developer Survios and AMC have been teasing a virtual reality game titled, The Walking Dead Onslaught. The game will allow VR gamers to play as Walking Dead characters like Rick, Daryl, Carol, and Michonne! Not to mention, players will also be able to wield their favorite characters’ weapons. The story of the game will take place during the 18-month time jump in between seasons 8 and 9, which will allow fans of the TV series to witness the rebuilding of Alexandria following the bombing of the saviors. Recently, Survios dropped a trailer for the game which also unveiled the release date. Check out the gameplay trailer on the official Walking Dead YouTube channel below!

The gameplay trailer features dialogue from what sounds like Rick and Daryl, also gives fans a peak at some of the combat that will be experienced when taking down walkers. Onslaught will be released on Oculus Home, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR. Although pre-orders are only available for Oculus and Steam at the moment, it has been made clear that fans who pre-order the game will receive bonus content including, the Sherriff Rick skin, Hunter Daryl skin, and gold weapon skins for Michonne’s katana, and Carol’s knife.

There will be several different editions of The Walking Dead Onslaught, with the standard edition to be sold at $29.99. The digital deluxe edition will include a number of various weapons seen in the TV series. There will also be several retail editions of the game including a steelbook.

The Walking Dead Onslaught will be released on September 29th.