WATCH: Lady Gaga releases new single, ‘Rain On Me,’ with Music Video

@ladygaga (Twitter)

I have been infatuated with Lady Gaga and all of her creative work ever since I saw A Star Is Born three times in theaters about a year and a half ago. Thus, I am very pleased to report that as part of her new album, Chromatica, getting released on May 29th, Gaga has released a new single and music video titled ‘Rain On Me,” featuring Ariana Grande. Check out the music video from Lady Gaga’s official YouTube channel below!

It is definitely a great time to be a Lady Gaga fan, because in addition to ‘Rain On Me,’ she also recently released a new single titled ‘Stupid Love.’ Gaga also has a phenomenal online merchandise store. There, little monsters can find all sorts of interesting loot allowing them to show off their love for the beloved artist. Items include pillows, shirts, and even a signed CD!

According to Gaga’s above Instagram post, Chromatica will include not only Ariana Grande, but also Elton John and Blackpink. The hype surrounding this album is extreme; Gaga is known for amazing performances with other musicians and creative artists alike, so I am looking forward to hearing what she has in store for fans with ‘Sine from Above’ featuring Elton John.

Chromatica is Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album, and will be released on May 29th.