‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 – What We Know So Far


Back in June, AMC kicked off a series of reveals called “11 Weeks of Reveals” set to take place every Thursday, leading up to the highly anticipated premiere of the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead, which will take place on August 22nd, and on August 15th for AMC+ subscribers. Below, Fandomize has highlighted some of the most notable reveals related to the series thus far.

The Walking Dead: Origins

The Walking Dead Origins is a series of specials available to watch exclusively on AMC+. Each of the four episodes will focus on one character and recap the turning points in their development that made them who they have become at this point in the series after ten seasons. Here is a list detailing when each episode will become available, and the character that corresponds with it.

  • Daryl’s Story – Available now
  • Maggie’s Story – Thursday, July 22nd
  • Carol’s Story – Thursday, July 29th
  • Negan’s Story – Thursday, August 5th


AMC has also released numerous stills from the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, featuring many of our favorite characters; check out some of them below!

Josh Stringer/AMC
Josh Stringer/AMC
Josh Stringer/AMC
Josh Stringer/AMC


Yesterday’s reveal featured an actual teaser from the upcoming final season! The first one and a half minutes of the video were mainly paying tribute to some of the most iconic moments from throughout the series, and the rest of the video showed brand new footage from what’s to come. Check out the teaser below!

The upcoming season will consist of 24 episodes. The reason why it was referred to as a trilogy in the above teaser, is because there will be a hiatus between the airing of each third (8 episodes) of the season.

Next week, during Comic-Con@Home, the cast of The Walking Dead will take part in a panel discussing Season 11 of the series. A full trailer for Season 11 is expected to be shown during the panel. The Walking Dead Comic-Con@Home panel will premiere on the Comic-Con International YouTube channel at 6:00 PM EST on Saturday, July 24th.