The ‘Animaniacs’ are Back! – Returning Cast, Teaser & More!

Credit: Hulu, Warner Bros

It’s time for Animaniacs
Because Hulu brought them back
We’ll take a look at their new show
Discuss every thing we know
about Animaniacs!

Don’t call it a Reboot! Because after 27 years the Animaniacs are coming back with brand new episodes – in fact, two whole seasons of them! We’ve known for a while now that they were reutrning but with 2020 being… well… 2020, it kind of slipped our mind. But thank Spielberg, they’re back!

Speaking of Spielberg, he’s returning as an Executive Producer along with Randy Roger who was one of the original writers – and had recently been touring with Rob Paulsen (Yakko, Pinky) for the Animaniacs Live tour. Though the returning talent doesn’t end there as Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell (Wakko), Tress MacNeille (Dot), Maurice LaMarche (Brain) and Frank Welker (Ralph T. Guard) will all be reprising their roles!

As far as the look and feel of the show, the art direction looks almost identical to the original – with some slight color swaps. Additionally, it’s incredible to see so much meta-humor popping up even before the series has begun.

Credit: Hulu, Warner Bros

From what we can gather from the teaser – and is revealed in the official synopsis of the series – our favorite siblings have been away from the Water Tower for quite a while, but now they’re coming home! The first season will span 13 episodes, with a similarly sized second season to follow for a total of 26 new episodes. Though if the show does well, it’s sure to be picked up for more!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Animal Crossing, Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater 1+2, a brand new Crash Bandicoot game, and now a new season of Animaniacs? It seems like the only thing 2020 is good for is giving us high-quality nostalgia-inducing items!

Animaniacs (2020) begins – or rather returns – on Hulu starting November 20th, 2020!