GalaxyCon hosting virtual experiences with Gaten Matarazzo, Karen Gillan, and more!

GalaxyCon Live (

Many people in the realm of fandom and pop culture love to go to conventions, and meet their favorite celebrities. I am one of many people who cherish this hobby.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic – like many other events of all kinds – the number of these in-person photo and autograph opportunities has dropped drastically. In fact, the hobby has become completely absent in the lives of most people who usually enjoy it.

Convention companies like GalaxyCon are doing what they can to change that, and it is working! GalaxyCon has gathered many different celebrities from popular movies and TV shows, and is making one-on-one video chats, personalized 8×10 autographs, and personalized video shout outs, all available for purchase with creative artists of the fans’ choice. For example, Gaten Matarazzo, best known for portraying Dustin in Stranger Things, is taking part in GalaxyCon’s virtual signings. His one-on-one chats, autographs, and shout outs are available for advance purchase now. More specifically, according to GalaxyCon’s website, on June 6th, Gaten Matarazzo will be taking part in the one-on-one video chats at 11:00 AM ET, and will be answering fan questions as part of a Q&A live stream at 2:00 PM ET! Autographs will be mailed to each fan within the coming weeks after June 6th. Gaten will be donating 100% of his proceeds to the charity, CCD Smiles. CCD Smiles is an organization that assists in covering the costs of surgeries that are meant to help people with Cleidocranial Dysplasia (CCD). This is very exciting for me and many other fans of Stranger Things, because Gaten Matarazzo is great with his fans, and frequently posts on social media informing them about CCD Smiles.

In addition to fans’ opportunities to take advantage of virtual experiences with Gaten Matarazzo, GalaxyCon is also hosting similar online events with Jennifer Morrison and Karen Gillan. Jennifer Morrison has starred in numerous TV shows, and is best known for portraying the lead role of Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time on ABC. Karen Gillan is known for her role as Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as having a large role in the two recent installments in the Jumanji franchise.

Other virtual experiences hosted by GalaxyCon include Tim Curry and cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation, both on May 30th! Stay up to date by following GalaxyCon on Instagram @galaxyconlive.