Can ‘Dexter’ Make Up for It’s Unpopular Series Finale?


Showtime recently announced that their murderous drama, Dexter, was returning for 10 episodes, with showrunner Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall stepping back into the infamous character of Dexter Morgan. The original show aired on Showtime from 2006 through 2013 with 8 seasons.

Dexter had been one of the shows on my binge list this past summer, and while it started great, the finale had me wanting to throw my remote control straight into my TV! So this news had me unsure whether I wanted to revisit that story, especially since the ending was still relatively fresh in my mind. Now that I’ve had a few days to mull on it, here are my thoughts.

(Pss. If you haven’t watched the show, this is your spoiler alert!)


I loved Dexter’s imperfections and how you found yourself rooting for a serial killer throughout the seasons. And although I was hoping for him to get out of whatever situation he found himself in, deep down, I figured things would not end up well. Either that or he would do a complete 180 and really surprise me by understanding the error of his ways. Well, for those of you who stuck through the finale, we got neither. As a viewer, I wasted 8 seasons to see this fractured man get neither happiness nor pay for his actions. He basically gets left in a purgatory state as a lumberjack in the middle of nowhere, which is one of the most frustrating ways to leave a show as a series finale. Not to mention with all the show’s focus on his sister, Deb Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), and her relationship with Dexter, I thought her ending was also super infuriating and rushed.

It has been noted the Phillips does not intend to take away from the original finale but instead use this opportunity to give it a proper send-off. We can only speculate what that means because he will neither confirm nor deny that what he originally intended as the ending is still on the table for the revival, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I hope that some familiar faces from the past pop up since characters can always continue to live on in people’s minds, and if you watched the show, you know Dexter has a very twisted mind.

As much as the series finale irked me, after some thought, I’ve decided that I will watch the revival because I realized that I need closure. I need to know what happens to this tortured soul who commits the most heinous crimes. Does he get away with everything and live happily ever after, or does his worst fear of being caught finally come to fruition? I can’t be left in limbo!

What do you think? Will you give Dexter another chance? Do you think fans will finally get the ending they deserve?