20th Anniversary: A Look Back At ‘Almost Famous’

Rolling Stone Reunion Roundtable

Many of us are probably digging into our movie and tv vaults as we attempt to keep ourselves occupied. I, for one, have been binging through a list of must-see shows and films. Now and then, I’ve been revisiting some old favorites, and one of them is Almost Famous!


I recently decided to rewatch the film and found myself loving it even more than when I initially saw it. There is something so innocent and tender about the characters and their love of music that it always leaves me feeling completely satisfied at the end. I was excited to discover that Rolling Stone got some of the cast and the writer/director together for a virtual reunion to celebrate their 20th anniversary!

The reunion included Cameron Crowe, Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, and Patrick Fugit. Brian Hiatt and James Andrew Miller moderated the hour-long discussion. There were many onset memories shared between the cast as they recounted funny moments, how they approached a particular scene, or what challenges they encountered during filming. It was apparent that although the filming of the movie was long and arduous, it was an exceptional experience for everyone that they will remember forever.

Some highlights of the discussion included the fun fact of how everyone around Fugit was attempting to protect him and make sure he had a great experience during filming. Whether they accomplished that, we can’t be sure as Fugit chuckles when he talks about it. They also go into the deflowering scene, which was a particularly stressful filming day for the young Fugit.

Another moment that the interview touches on is the scene in which Hudson asks Fugit’s character, “What kind of beer?” Crowe recalls how that scene made his directing hero, Billy Wilder, whole-heartedly laugh. Crudup gave props to Crowe on his generosity and how he was always working with the various actors to understand them better.

Another fun tidbit that Crowe shared was about Philip Seymour Hoffman. Crowe was always playing music for the actors during the scenes, and when he did so for Hoffman, it did not go as planned. Everything worked out, and in the end and Crowe recalled how later on, Hoffman told him that he loved the movie.


The cast also touched on the scene from the bus where they all sing ‘Tiny Dancer.’ The scene took them two days to film. Although the actors can’t escape their link to the song from fans, it did prompt Elton John to bring it back to his setlist for shows!

Watch the full Rolling Stone interview below, and if you haven’t watched the film, then definitely check it out!