Lady Gaga Releases ‘911’ Music Video

YouTube/Lady Gaga

Back in May, Lady Gaga released her sixth solo studio album, Chromatica. Since then, she has put out lots of merchanise related to the album, performed some of the songs at the MTV VMAs, and much more. At several points in the album, there are short interludes of classical music. The second interlude in the album ends with a very smooth transition into one of my favorite tracks, “911.” Today, Lady Gaga released a music video featuring both the interlude and the song itself, “911.” Check it out below!

Most of the video takes place in a desert setting where Gaga and others sing the song. At the end, Gaga and the others are seen being treated by EMTs in a run-down city setting. At this part of the video, the music being played is the interlude that is heard before, “Sine From Above,” which is a song from Chromatica featuring Elton John. This makes me wonder if there’s another music video coming up with that song. In that past, Gaga has released music videos tie into each other in such a way – for example, with her previous solo album, Joanne, the music videos for the songs, “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons” were intertwined.

Today on Instagram, Lady Gaga expressed how important this video is to her as an artist, as well as how grateful she is for the people who helped her put it together along the way.

As of now, Gaga’s tour, The Chromatica Ball is happening in Summer 2021; be sure to check out the album itself, Chromatica, wherever you get your music!