Funkoween: Funko Brings New Nightmare Before Christmas POPs!

CR: Disney/ Funko POP

Funkoween: One of those things to look forward to, while you get your Halloween costume together. This year Funko is bringing a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas POPs to life, and it’s a massive launch too! There are so many new POPs and I want them ALL. Take a look below at the new Nightmare Before Christmas POPs:

If you are a big Nightmare Before Christmas fan or a big Tim Burton fan in general, this launch is definitely for you! And me, definitely me. I need all of them.

All NBC POP figures including Jack’s scare face POP, Jack, and Zero supersized POP, Sandy Claws, Sally sewing POP, They Mayor POP, and Jack’s protector case are available for pre-order on the Entertainment Earth website. The Oogie Boogie Man’s pop and keychain are a Hot Topic exclusive and you can find them right here and is a part of the Diamon Collection. The Oogie Boogie wheel POP is a glow in the dark exclusive on the Box Lunch website.

By this point, I know what I am buying and I hope you do too! The launch also includes new POPs from Edward Scissorhands, Hocus Pocus, Corpse Bride, Killer Clowns, and much more! To see the whole release so far, take a look at the Funko blog article on their website.

What do you think of Funkoween so far for this year? Which one are you buying? Let us know in the comments below or tell us on our social media pages!


Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop motion movie that came out in 1993, directed by Tom Sellick. Tim Burton was the creator of the movie and the music was done frame by frame by Danny Elfman.