5 Moments I Want To See In ‘Scream 5’

Original Scream Poster

I never imagined the fifth installment of Scream. This statement does not mean I have not wanted a fifth installment of the popular franchise, but I could not imagine them getting the original cast back. However, one actor has already proven me wrong while the other is in talks to return. And I could not imagine a Scream without Wes Craven’s influence. Knowing the people behind getting this sequel to occur loved Craven’s work as much as I did is beyond reassuring for the sequel and the future of the franchise. If this works and they can also get Kevin Williamson on board somehow, this could give us the two-part trilogy that fans have continued to yearn for since Scream 4‘s release in 2011. One can hope for the film to get released somehow next year that would be even better as it will be the tenth anniversary of Scream 4‘s release.

There are a couple of things I want as a devout and faithful mega fan of this franchise. Most of them revolve return of characters, but there are two other things I would love to see the franchise do ultimately. While this list could go on forever, there are five major things I want from Scream 5.

The Return Of The Originals

David Arquette - Scream 4 - Dewey Riley
David Arquette – Scream 4 – Dewey Riley

Sidney. Gale. Dewey. As we already know, David Arquette will return as Dewey in Scream 5. I cannot imagine a Scream film without Courtney Cox or Neve Campbell at this point. It’s just weird to think about for me. Granted, I do believe those who survived Scream 4 should also return, but without Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, is it even a Scream film? At the same time, some think that one of these characters needed to meet their maker earlier in the series. The odds seem to be against them staying alive in this long in a franchise, I suppose, but at the same time, these three are the franchise at this point. I would personally love for Gale to come out of retirement entirely and be more active in the community again.

Matthew Lillard’s Return

Matthew Lillard – Scream – Stu Macher

Some of you might read this and say, ‘Stu died in Scream.’ But did he? Matthew himself said that Stu was supposed to be an essential character in Scream 3, but at the last minute, they performed a significant rewrite for the script. As the mass shooting at Columbine High School just occurred, the producers thought it would not be a great idea to have a guy influencing teenagers to kill people from prison as a great idea. They weren’t wrong, but if they were willing to open the door back, why not open the door now. It would be interesting to let it be where Stu was just released from prison and finally reformed after years of therapy instead of the cliche, and he’s not improved. Let him be part of the team to take down whoever is the real culprit this time.

Sidney’s Downward Spiral

Neve Campbell - Scream - Sidney Prescott
Neve Campbell – Scream – Sidney Prescott

If they went with Stu’s release, wouldn’t it make sense that Sidney didn’t believe him? I know I wouldn’t want to believe him after all these years. After all, she didn’t trust Cotton in Scream 2, why on Earth would she trust someone who tried to kill her? So picture it. Sidney puts on the costume, framing Stu somehow and getting caught at the end by Gale or Dewey. And while I hate to say it, she has to injure whoever figures it out in the least if not kill the person. It could be interesting for the franchise to let her get away with it because of everything she has been through within the cinematic universe. And maybe if it is Gale or Dewey that figure it out, that means they can help cover it up instead of attempting to take Sidney down. Either way would open up unique doors for Lillard’s return later on in the franchise and Sidney becoming the killer that most felt was her destiny to become in Scream 3.

Kirby’s Status

Hayden Panettiere – Scream 4 – Kirby Reed

Many people believe that Kirby Reed survived Scream 4, and oddly enough, the status is listed as unknown on Kirby’s page on Scream Fandom. This fact is even more amusing to me that so many of us are in denial that Charlie left her for dead, and we all want this character to be alive. In many ways, Kirby is one of the perfect blends of two of the franchise’s favorite characters. She has always been a healthy mixture of Randy and Sidney, and it would be great to see her take on a lead role in the future of these films. To, in a way, become the new Sidney in case Neve Campbell doesn’t want to continue in the future, despite being in negotiations right now to return to the franchise. Besides, Kirby is one of the more influential characters to come out of Scream 4, so merely knowing she is alive would please fans.  If she could return to the franchise somehow that would be even better

A Tribute To Wes Craven

Wes Craven - Scream Franchise Director
Wes Craven – Scream Franchise Director

Considering that Wes Craven directed all four previous films, there needs to b a tribute to him at the end. I would love an extended video made from behind the scenes footage of the first four movies at the end. I think they should include something after the traditional credits role with the main cast members listed instead of at the very end of the credits. It would also be a great addition to any future Blu-ray release or a big boxset release of the entire franchise because Wes Craven brought so much to these films though he deserves to have name featured in the very least with this next installment. Plus, fans know that if he were still with us, his name listed under director, and quite possibly listed as a producer– as he helped get the television series rolling. He deserves a Stan Lee like a tribute for all he did for the franchise.

Are any of these things something you want to see in Scream 5? What is something you are dying to see in this sequel? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to check the site for future updates on this project!