15 Of The Best Bruce Campbell Isolation Tweets

Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell - Twitter

During this pandemic, there has not been nearly enough uplifting or comedic content.  Then again, there’s not a whole lot to laugh about these days. That is where the Twitter account of Bruce Campbell comes into play. If you are not following Campbell, there are plenty of reasons to do so at this time.  Although, part of me wants to tell you the main reason, and the only reason is that he is Bruce Campbell. That should be all you need to know about this amazing man. However, if you do not know about him, Campbell is the star, and the face, of the classic horror franchise, Evil Dead. He also starred in the television hit Burn Notice and made various appearances in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films.

I could go on forever about Campbell’s career, and that is not what I’m aiming for this article. Currently, between his Snapchat filter posts and Leslie Jordan’s Instagram posts, he is one of the reasons this time is bearable. Besides, Campbell is always supporting horror films, especially low budget horror.  Here are fifteen of my favorite tweets made by the legendary actor himself.

1. Someone Is Watching

That moose refuses to leave the poor man alone.  No wonder he is worried around them.  I would be too considering everything that Ash has been through all these years. After all, with everything going on in this pandemic, we never know when someone is going to open the Necronomicon, and the moose will become possessed.  Be wary, sir.

2. Ash Protection

I love the fact that this person’s child has a mini Ash outside of his door to protect him. What makes this even better in this case is that Campbell also approves.  The next step would be to buy the child a puppet version of Ashy Slashy.  Well, maybe that is going too far.  Although, who would not feel braver going through their house with that puppet on their hand?

3. You Know For Kids

On top of the fantastic content Campbell is providing daily, he also is linking us to readings he completed for children.  These readings are not only a treat for them, but us as well.  I say let him read all the books to us during this time.  Is anyone listening over there who are getting celebrities to read the Harry Potter books?

4. Mask Up, Even When Creepy Yet Cool

I’m suddenly having a severe case of mask regret.  However, I have to admit the idea of getting some evil dead masks out there for all the horror fans to buy is not a horrible idea.  We might as well be protected and be able to tell people, “Say hail to the chin,” while we’re at it.

5. More Reading Material Than Tweets

I cannot wait to hear more about his new book.  My only regret from the year that I met him was that I could not make it through the line to get him to sign his books for me.  I’m beyond excited for another book from this New York Times Bestseller.

6. Cast Him As A Crazy Neighbor Already

Can we take a moment to appreciate his beard?  It’s one of the better ones that have come out of quarantine that I have seen. And he isn’t lying when he says that he is in the phase to play the crazy neighbor in a movie right now.  Just imagine the guy we have rooted for all these years becoming the villain.

7. He Helps Us Keep In Shape

During a time that most of us have gone through many ups and downs, Bruce reminds us in his way to get in exercise.  Exercise can make us happy.  Plus, who would not be happy to follow an exercise class with him and this Snapchat filter? I say no one.

8. Don’t Do It

I’m so grateful that he is out here looking out for us in times like this. At one point, some people needed toilet paper so bad that they might have fallen for this, but thankfully because of Bruce, there’s one less person exposed to the deadlights.

9. Adding To The World of Sequels

Let’s face it; most of the films coming out are prequels are sequels.  I cannot argue with the fact that Campbell wants to cash in on one of the greatest movies of all time.  Plus, he has even given the studio material to use once people are allowed to go back to work. He’s so thoughtful.

10. Uranus Jokes

This joke is the only kind of standard that I have to say I deem okay to get back to after all the things currently going on in the world.  We all needed this laugh.  It’s okay to embrace your inner fifteen-year-old boy now and laugh.

11. It’s Okay To Age

If quarantine and self-isolation have taught us anything, it might be how many gray hairs we all naturally have without the help of salon coloring. Bruce continues to age gracefully, and despite how great it would be for some lucky fan to own that molding, getting to meet the older version of Campbell is way better.

12. He Threatened A Virus

Although he does not want to come out of retirement, Ash is lurking and ready to take down the Coronavirus for us somehow.  I smell a My Name is Bruce 2: Taking Care of The Rona around the corner. Give this man a mask and his boomstick! Or maybe Army of Darkness 2.

13. Painting The Time Away

We have all managed to get to the point where we are debating on taking up a new hobby or embracing an old one.  I enjoy getting to see the softer said of Campbell with his painting.  Maybe he can recreate a cabin or a picture of Elvis in needlepoint for us.

14. Pick Your Quarantine House Carefully

Some people might have debated for days which house to go with until now.  Campbell was ever so kind to guide us down the right path so we can stay as safe as possible during this time. He’s such a kind and gentle soul.

15. A Splash Of Blood Never Hurts

During college, I had a couple of projects that required some food coloring and Karo syrup.  My friends never let me live this down. Maybe if I had the blood used in this production, they would have felt better about having blood smeared on them and their face.

Those are my favorite tweets that I’ve seen so far during this quarantine and self-isolation period from the one and only Bruce Campbell. These are not the only gems on Campbell’s Twitter page. To connect more with Bruce, make sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Bruce moment is, whether it be from his social media accounts, a fan encounter, or one of his movies.