‘Tetris 99’ 16th Maximus Cup Details and Dates Announced By Nintendo

Photo Credit: Nintendo

Tetris 99, Nintendo Switch’s insanely addictive online Tetris battle royale, has announced dates and details for their 16th MAXIMUS CUP.

The 16th MAXIMUS CUP will allow players new to the series to earn rewards and themes, including a selection of revival themes from past events.

During the event Nintendo will also lower the cost to unlock rewards from 100 event points to 50, helping players unlock more themes and items.

On top of previous themes being available again, Nintendo has announced new themes which will unlock during the event including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Ring Fit Adventure.

The Tetris 99 16th MAXIMUS CUP will run from August 14th, 2020 at 12 a.m. PT to August 22nd, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT and will feature three rounds:

  • Round 1 (August 14th to 16th): Features the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme as a reward.
  • Round 2 (August 17th to August 19th): Features the Luigi’s Mansion 3 theme as a reward.
  •  Round 3 (August 20th to August 22nd): Features the Ring Fit Adventure theme as a reward.

To participate in the Tetris 99 16th MAXIMUS CUP, players must have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Players will earn points based on their placement after each match and once a player reaches 50 event points then that day’s featured theme will unlock, including art, music, and Tetrimino designs inspired by the featured game.

While Tetris 99 is free to all Nintendo Switch Online Members, there is optional DLC, including Big Block DLC which adds multiple offline modes with CPU Battles and the ability to play in local arenas.

A physical version of Tetris 99 is available for $29.99 and comes with all DLC and a 12-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

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