‘Blasphemous’ Adds Free DLC. ‘Stir of Dawn’ Available Now!

Photo Credit: Team 17 and The Game Kitchen

Blasphemous, one of 2019’s best games, is getting a massive free update on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC today courtesy of Team 17 and The Game Kitchen!

The DLC, titled Stir of Dawn, includes a New Game+ mode called New Torment and a plethora of significant new features, gameplay tweaks, and additions.

New Torment features a brand-new storyline which has players partake in a journey to hunt down the five Armanecidas to prevent Laudes – an ancient creation of the Miracle – from defeating The Penitent One.

Along with the new storyline, players will also have access to multiple new items and executions, new areas to fight through, updated voiceovers – including full Spanish voice overs, a new map system, and other tweaks to the gameplay.

A key feature of the new Blasphemous DLC is the ability to choose between one of three Penitences, instead of being restricted to one like in the core game. Each Penitence features their own gameplay and challenges.

You can view the trailer for Stir of Dawn below:

The Three Penitences are: Unwavering Faith, Bleeding Heart, and True Guilt.

Unwavering Faith is a magic based character which features regenerating fervour to unleash special moves but has their sword damage cut in half.

Bleeding Heart is for players wanting a more classic experience, featuring a set of stocks instead of a life bar and enemies which respawn when entering rooms.

True Guilt will have players losing maximum fervour when they die which leads to Tears of Atonement – the in-game currency – to be placed in a fragment. If the players dies again before reaching their fragment and retrieving it, then the Tears of Atonement are lost for good. In another change from the core gameplay the use of flasks in this mode will only grant fervour rather than heal.

Stir of Dawn key features:

Stir of Dawn unlocks a new story mode for players who have completed the main campaign and choose the New Game+ New Torment mode.  Aside from the aforementioned new Penitences, players will also face new bosses, be able to execute new finishing moves, and travel in new ways with the additions of a new map system and more warp points.

Several tweaks to gameplay have been made, including more balanced enemies and new animations.

Stir of Dawn and Blasphemous are out now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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