WATCH: Trailer for the Final Episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’

Jace Downs/AMC

Beginning on October 2nd, the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead will air every Sunday on AMC and AMC+. Fans of the show were able to get a closer look at these episodes today during The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con; check out the trailer below!

As for those who – like me – have been watching this series for years and are feeling bittersweet about this upcoming series finale, it helps to be aware of what’s to come. According to IGN, most recently announced, is a spin-off premiering in 2023 with Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira as Michonne. This series is being replacing the trilogy of movies that were going to follow Rick. Other confirmed spin-offs include, an untitled TV series about Daryl, and Isle of the Dead, a TV series set in the post apocalyptic New York City with Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising their roles as Maggie and Negan, respectively.

How do you think things will turn out for our favorite survivors? Will there be a similar ending to the conclusion of the comics series, or will the TV series do something different? Let us know in the comments below!