‘Vegan Abattoir’ Hilariously & Geniunely Explains A Plant-Based Diet

vegan abattoir
Kevin Smith & Harley Quinn Smith via Harley Quinn Smith's Instagram

Sometimes a life-altering event can lead to a podcast. At least that is the case for Harley Quinn Smith’s new podcast Vegan Abbtoir that features her father, Kevin Smith. Two years ago, fans of Kevin Smith were stunned to hear he had suffered a massive heart attack. Shortly after that, his daughter convinced him to change his diet drastically. Even meat in moderation seems insane after knowing someone has suffered such a blow. While it was a significant lifestyle change for Kevin Smith, he agreed to try a plant-based diet for two months. Two years later, he’s healthier and still not dead as the podcast puts it. Together the father-daughter team provides information to those of us who are Vegan-curious with the tag line, “The only thing that gets slaughtered here is misinformation!” I dared to enter the Vegan Abattoir and lived to tell the tale.

I have a couple of friends who are vegetarians, but I also have a good friend who is a vegan. Neither of them has ever tried to push their ways on me, and I find that to be important with this podcast as well. No one is trying to force you into becoming a vegan but wants to provide you with information one might not have thought about before. I can honestly say I had never thought about pieces of information that were presented in the podcast back, and I learned a lot about the dairy industry. Data that I had no clue about previously. Part of that is because I kind of wanted to remain ignorant on the subject, which sounds horrible. Sometimes we don’t want to hear why something could be bad for us.

Within the podcast, the two discuss what made them go vegan. While most fans of Kevin Smith know his journey, they might not know his daughter’s reasoning behind becoming a vegan. Harley Quinn decided to go vegan after she adopted her rescue rabbit. She watched the rabbit’s journey from downright skittish toward everyone to loving her and saw what could occur by merely showing an animal love that had never received love before. Unfortunately, at some rescues, the animals there have been put through the wringer. The creatures also have a sob story, and sometimes that is even why we end up picking that animal. It’s an instinct within all of us. Seeing the love of this animal made her want to devote her life to a plant-based diet.

In addition to learning their reasons for going vegan, I learned a lot within the hour of this podcast. I learned about the dairy industry and how they inseminate female cows to be able to produce milk continually. The saddest realization for me was learning that a lot of male cows are killed for veel because they are not needed much as the female cows are on the farm.  There are a lot of quick and horrifying truths in the podcast. They are not dwelled upon for shock value but merely spoken in a manner that provides one with facts they might not have known before listening. I never thought about this or the fact that humans are the only species that drink milk as we age. A substance that is meant for us while we’re young. Milk is intended for calves to make them grow to 2,000 tons, which I also never thought about before now.

The craziest part to listen to of the first episode is the hatred that comes with saying you’re a vegan online. Harley Quinn Smith spoke of the time she posted about Meatless Mondays for The Humane Society and the onslaught of hate she received. People trolling celebrity accounts is nothing new on the internet, but she received hate for merely suggesting to make one meal a week meatless.  This action would reduce the supply and demand for farms and also help people around the world maintain a healthier lifestyle. Regardless of what one thinks of the lifestyle going into the podcast, there is excellent information to help one decide on a road to being somewhat healthier.  Even if you are not left persuaded, Harley Quinn and her father have genuinely found a groove to provide answers about a plant-based diet, which is precisely what they set out to do.  They cut the bullshit of misinformation about a plant-based diet and what it means to become a vegan.

If you enjoy the first episode of Vegan Abattoir, the second episode is available to listen to today! In this episode, Harley Quinn and Kevin talk to podcaster/author/ultra-athlete Rich Roll and gain more plant-based answers. Daniella Monet and Jessica Schoech (the founder & CEO of Vegan Street Fair) are upcoming guests on a future episode of the forthcoming podcast.

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