Tom Payne and Seth Gilliam reprise past roles for the future

Josh Stringer/AMC

At Fandemic Dead, fan favorites Seth Gilliam and Tom Payne revealed that they will reprise past roles for upcoming projects. 

Seth will be reprising his role as as Dr. Alan Deaton for Teen Wolf: The Movie. Deaton is lead character Scott McCall’s boss and mentor. He also was the former Druid Emissary to the Hale family.

Seth: I started with going back and watching the six seasons of “Teen Wolf” and trying to remember who it was I created. It’s like living in another skin. So, I’ve been watching what I did, hopefully that will remind me what I did, so I can recreate the character. I don’t carry Father Gabriel around with me, I kind of slip into that when I go to work. So, I don’t imagine it’s gonna be a big block for me to slide back to Deaton’s shoes or Deaton’s skin. I’m hoping that’s going to be the case. I read the first 20 pages of the Teen Wolf movie and it is fantastic. It’s fantastic. But it’s a very different world, they’re apples and oranges, the characters (Fr. Gabriel and Deaton), so I don’t imagine it to be very difficult. 

Teen Wolf: The Movie is currently in preproduction according to IMDb. Until then, you can catch Seth in “The Walking Dead.”

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Tom Revealed that his 2013 movie, The Physician, was getting a sequel. Tom will reprise his role of Rob Cole after a decade.

Tom: I’m a little bit worried about that because it’s been 10 years since I did that part, and this is kind of trying to be almost a direct continuation, which is kind of funny because I don’t think I look exactly the same as I did. We’re gonna mess around with that. But I’m really excited. I’ve been doing television now for like seven years or something and I can’t wait to go back and do a movie.

Like, it’s really exciting just knowing what the beginning middle and end of the story is. And I have the script for The Physician sequel and it’s great and I’m really excited and it’s, again, in like a medieval world and it’s completely different from “The Walking Dead.” And we’ll be filming back in Europe again, which would be really nice.

We were supposed to shoot during COVID in between seasons of “Prodigal Son,” but hopefully, fingers crossed, next year. We don’t make those kind of movies that often anymore, the big, medieval epic movie, so I’m really excited to get back into that. 

While we wait for more news on The Physician sequel, Tom has recently taken on a new role as a father. He and his wife, Jennifer Akerman, welcomed a baby boy earlier this year.