The Walking Dead: Ghosts of the past

    Gene Page/AMC

    We were seeing ghosts at the Fandemic Dead con, as Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), Emily Kinney (Beth), Chad Coleman (Tyrese) and Alanna Masterson (Tara) gathered to answer some fan questions. The panel was moderated by Victor Dandridge Jr. (ig @vantageinhouse)

    Gene Page/AMC

    A fan asked what their favorite season or episode was.

    Alanna: Season 4, duh! My favorite episode was the fire truck episode, where we got sprayed with the fire hose because it was like 170 million degrees. It was so hot and we were just dying to get to the scene where they shot us with the hose. So, they shoot us with the hose and we’re all soaking wet and they’re like, ‘great, now we’re going to do the next angle and we’re like, ‘F***we have to sit here in wet clothes in the heat for another four hours? And so we’re soaking wet in the heat and it turned out to be not fun.

    Emily: There are so many favorite episodes. (To Chad) I was just thinking about the episode where you die right after me. I came back just for your hallucination. I had a great time learning that song. And I loved how that episode came together.

    Chad: For me, it’s either that episode or “The Grove.” Whenever I think about something that resonated or had an impact, I’ll always remember those two.

    Michael: My favorite scene was saying goodbye to Josh (McDermitt) because we both knew that that was our last scene together. So we were saying goodbye to each other in the show, but we were also saying goodbye to each other as actors. 

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    Another fan asked about their death dinners.

    Chad: Mine happened and Denise Hurd’s backyard with a bonfire. So it was amazing. We did s’mores. 

    Alanna: By the time I got my death dinner, I was like, ‘listen, I can’t sit in a circle and all cry and tell stories about each other.’ Like, I had gotten to the point where it was like we were all saying goodbye and it was like we were having an actual funeral. I was like, ‘I can’t deal with this. Nobody say anything. Let’s just play running charades.’ So, we played running charades at Greg (Nicotero)’s house. We split up into teams. It was me and Samantha, which is funny cuz she killed me, and Danai (Gurira) was getting really into it. She was screaming from the other room. And that was my death. I was just like, ‘let’s just have fun and hang and play games.’ 

    Michael: Steven (Yeun) and I had ours together. (to Alanna) I was where you were at. I was like, ‘I didn’t really die.’ Like, they took my job and I’m sad, but I’ll see you tomorrow and probably next weekend at a convention. 

    Chad asked if there was ever something that was written into the show that they talked the writers out of doing.

    Emily: Scott Gimple was talking to me one day about because, I don’t know if you guys remember but I just had a big scar when I show up in the hospital, but he had this idea of the scar being on my head and my head being shaved. And I said, ‘okay, sure,’ like as the dedicated actress, however, if they are thinking they might kill her off soon, I was like please no because I would like to get another acting job. 

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    To end on a light nite, a fan asked what their favorite pranks were.

    Alanna: Steven pranked me in a bathroom scene. I’m supposed to be looking for somebody and I opened the door and he’s sitting in there and he wasn’t supposed to be there.

    Chad: I didn’t bring anyone they prayed to me. I was supposed to kick the door in and they made it so I couldn’t, and I fell backwards. 

    It was great to see these fan favorites again and be sure to catch them in their upcoming projects. Michael just directed episode 11 of “The Walking Dead” but you can catch him next in the film Unspoken. Emily just starred in The Enormity of Life and is releasing new music. You can catch Chad in “Orville” and Alanna in Kappa Kappa Die.