Sarah Wayne Callies settles the ‘who’s the father’ debate

    Gene Page/AMC

    Sarah Wayne Callies’ Lori Grimes reunited with her children, Chandler Riggs (Carl) and Cailey Flemming (Judith) at the Fandemic Dead con for a panel this weekend.

    It seems inevitable that whenever fans talk about “The Walking Dead” and Lori Grimes, the ‘who’s the father’ question comes up. During the panel, Sarah gracefully cleared up a few things regarding Judith’s father. 

    Sarah: I’ve had this conversation before and I’m happy to have it again. I’ll just say, from having gone three years with the misogyny level Lori faced, the question is not worthy of where we are now. If this show has been written by women, if there were more women in entertainment media, this would have been a very different question.

    Sarah wasn’t blaming the fans for asking the question, but she is tired of hearing it and I don’t blame her. 

    Sarah: It’s been very interesting to, as a grown woman with an Ivy League degree in feminist theory, to have people walking by you on the street going, ‘you’re a fucking whore.’ The question about parenthood has, to me, as a mother with a child, become pretty easy to answer- the man who stepped up to raise that child is that child’s father.

    In addition to your countless binge sessions of “The Walking Dead,” be sure to catch Sarah Wayne Callies’s podcast series “Aftershocks.

    “The Walking Dead” season 11 airs Sunday nights on AMC.