Review: Joker and Iron Man MK 50 PVC Statues

Collecting, as I discussed here, can sometimes be a hard thing to balance. That being said, when it comes to statues and figures, for the “everyday collector” (as oppose to someone who can afford those life-size Batman statues), in my opinion, the best company for figures and statues is from the company Diamond Select Toys. From their Gallery statues (PVC) and Gallery Dioramas (PVC), to their resin busts and statues, there is no company offering collectibles at the best value than Diamond Select Toys. And I am not saying that simply because they sent me a couple of their statues to review (thank you Diamond!), but because I am also a collector of some of their mentioned statues! Just a small note on the pictures you will see below: please excuse the construction going on in my office. Or, as I call it, my Batcave.

Now, as for the statues themselves, they can only be good as to how they are packaged. It is not just a simple box with a ton of protection. They use this box with clear windows and a plastic sleeve shaped like the statue so when it arrives, whether you have to carry it home, or it is being shipped to you, it comes in as securely and safely as possible (note: this part is also dependent on how whatever company that you buy them from packages the box as well). I also enjoy the small character biographies in the back of the box, for the layman collector.

As for the figures themselves, they speak for themselves. However, seeing as this is a blog, a few of my thoughts on these statues. For the Iron Man piece, I love the realistic action poses and the “mid-action” sculpting of the blasts from his suit. Also, the additional blasts that come out from the sides are removable, so you can display him however you want (full blast vs. action blasts). For the Joker, it features the classic Joker outfit and the triangular face. What makes me really enjoy the piece though are the small details. From the Joker playing card in his left hand to the knife he is hiding behind him in his right hand, to the details in the base (Joker fish!) are what really excites me here.

However, Diamond Select Toys makes other fantastic pieces and am looking forward to hopefully talking more about the other pieces in their line in the near future! Stay tuned!