Osawa Muskwa on his new pandemic zombie film ‘World Ends at Camps Z’

Provided by Ding Wang.

Osawa Muskwa stars as Clay in this year’s highly-anticipated Canadian zombie thriller World Ends at Camps Z.

Headlined by Age of the Living Dead‘s Anne-Carolyne Binette, World Ends at Camps Z is set during the pandemic and fixes on a camp owner that learns that the person he is selling the grounds to has evil intentions for the land. In order to stop the sale, he has tricks up his sleeve, but a zombie uprising was never one of them.  

Dean Persons, Michael Czemerys, Osawa Muskwa, Rafaela Salomão and Arthur Bussières Gallant with Ding Wang as the director.

Check out my Q & A with Osawa!

How did you come to be a part of this movie?

Osawa: It was a friend actually. They were looking for people. So I reached out and started liking what I was hearing. I was really digging the story. So, that’s how it started and next thing I know, I was in Montreal.

And you play Clay. How would you describe him?

Osawa: He’s a badass. He’s a good guy who tries his best.

What do you think sets this movie apart from other zombie movies?

Osawa: The story, you know, it kind of gets deeper. Even though the zombie parts are always really fun, it really gets you into the characters and you get invested in them.

What was it like filming a pandemic movie in a pandemic?

Osawa: It’s very creative. They had to get very creative and it was great to work with a bunch of people that had a passion and wanted to continue to do things, which then became this.

What was it like working with Ding the director?

Osawa: He was really easy to work with. He’s just kind of laid out the plans of what we have to do. He kind of has that father figure vibe on set. It was great to work with him, he’s a hard worker.

And what was it like working with the other members of the cast?

Osawa: It was great working with everybody. We became like lifelong friends. The whole set really became a family. That always happens but it really was like that.

Provided by Ding Wang.
What was your favorite part of filming the movie?

Osawa: I think it was seeing the process of it all coming together. Us all working together to make things happen and get things done. Seeing the whole thing come together was my favorite part. 

Were there any parts that were kind of challenging?

Osawa: Sometimes the weather, and then a lot of time, like we didn’t have enough time, so, usually we’d just have to try really hard or work extra hours and stuff. We had to get it done.

What is something that you hope the audience takes away after watching this movie?

Osawa: Just to escape for a little bit while watching it. Enjoy it.

So what’s next for you? Do you have other projects in the works? 

Osawa: I just finished filming Damnation of Dracula. It’s just another, it’s kind of the same thing but with vampires. I’m basically the Clay of this movie as well. I also just did Cultivation of a Killer, which is another film, and I’m about to film a series that I can’t really say too much about.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about World Ends at Camps Z?

Osawa: Go check it out

Provided by Ding Wang.
World Ends at Camps Z  is now available on Digital and On Demand