Lumi Pollack on ‘The Fallout’ and giving back

Photo credit: Doreen Stone Photography

Lumi Pollack may be young, but she is truly one to watch! This little firecracker is going to make it big- she is talented, ambitious, and incredibly selfless. She can be seen in the upcoming film The Fallout which will premiere later this year.

“My whole entire life, I’ve always loved to perform and I kind of always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry somehow. My whole family is musically inclined and I went to [Long Lake Camp for the Arts] to do musicals because I love to sing a lot. And that’s when I realized that I really like acting too. So, my dad put me in some acting classes and I wasn’t really taking it seriously at that time, I was just like, ‘oh yeah, it’s really fun’ and they said I was really good, so they got me an agent and manager and they started putting me on auditions, and I guess that’s where I am right now. But it all happened really fast.”

Photo credit: Doreen Stone Photography

Lumi not only acts and sings, but she plays the piano, guitar, and ukulele. She’s also a dancer and writer as well. 

“I’ve been dancing pretty much my whole entire life. I love to dance and I love to write and read. I’m actually working on a few books that I hope to publish soon. I love to do fictional writing, realistic fiction, it’s really fun.”

Lumi is bringing her talents to the screen in The Fallout where she stars alongside Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies), Julie Bowen (Modern Family), and Jenna Ortega (You). The Fallout was written and directed by actress Megan Park (What If), the film follows Jenna Ortega’s character as she deals with the emotional turmoil she experiences after a school tragedy the changes the lives of the whole ensemble. The film also features John Ortiz, Will Ropp, Maddie Ziegler, and Niles Fitch.

It’s something that a lot of kids in America can relate to. It’s serious, it’s a really serious movie, but I think that it’s about bringing awareness to what is happening in America today that is not having much attention…It’s about a school shooting, and how Vada, [played by Jenna Ortega] goes through it and what her family goes through. And it’s just really intense.

Lumi plays Vada’s little sister, Amelia, who is there with Vada as she deals with this tragedy. With this incredibly intense film, Lumi needed to emotionally prepare to play Amelia, which involved pretending that this tragedy was really happening to her in her real life.

“Learning my lines is not really a problem for me because I have a pretty good memory, so, I just look at the line a couple of times and I remember it. But I would put myself in Amelia’s shoes, like what would I be doing right now in real life, if this were to happen to me. So, I just do that and think about what I would say and I just put the writer’s words in and that’s how I would prepare myself to get into the role.”

Lumi believes this is an important film for people to watch because this is a topic that she feels isn’t talked about as much as it should be.

“I don’t think that there’s a lot of awareness on school shootings right now. So I think it’s really important because Americans, we have to go through school lockdown just to prepare ourselves if this horrible thing ever happened to us. But I think it’s just really sad that we even have to do that because that shouldn’t be a problem in America. And I think it’s bringing awareness, which is really great and I think that’s really important… It’s not only a great film with amazing actors working in it, it’s also great at spreading awareness about what’s happening in the world right now.”

Photo credit: Doreen Stone Photography

When Lumi is not acting in front of the camera, she is exercising her love for philanthropy and supports the aid of the homeless, rescue animals, and non-profits that assist cancer patients. She has already donated 8 inches of hair to those affected by cancer and is always looking to do more. She has a natural love for animals and is always looking to donate her time and fundraise where she can for our household pets. 

“Recently, I donated eight inches of hair to [people affected by] cancer. I’ve been growing out my hair to donate and I finally got it to the length that we needed it to be. We also do a bunch of charity work for homeless people and I also love clothes and I donate lots of clothes. And whenever I see a homeless person, we always give a little bit of cash out or some food. And I just think it’s really important to help out to people who are less fortunate than us… Once I hopefully get big, I can use my platform to spread awareness about all these things that are happening in the world.”

She even offers some advice to those who wish to give back and aren’t quite sure how to get started.

“I think that anything helps even if it’s just like going to the grocery store and donating your extra cash to the kids in need… also global warming is a big problem so maybe try to reduce your plastic. You don’t have to have a lot to help. Just try and help out in the world whenever you can. I think that it’s just important to do whatever you can.”

The Fallout will premiere later this year.