Five Reasons Why ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is the Sh*t!

Schitt's Creek
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Rose FamilyHow many of you have been catching up on binge-worthy shows since being quarantined? Well, I decided to start going through my list of shows, and I have to say my first choice, Schitt’s Creek, was so worth it!

I’m fully aware that I’m utterly late to this party and couldn’t believe I waited this long! For those who have yet to dedicate their precious binge time to this great show, I’ve listed five reasons why you should stop what you are doing and start this show now!

Before we begin, here’s a quick synopsis: The story is the brainchild of Dan Levy and his real-life father, Eugene Levy. It centers around the very wealthy Rose family who suddenly find themselves utterly broke. Fortunately for them, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), purchased a small town in the middle of nowhere. Johnny, his wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), and their two adult children David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy), are forced to move to a rundown motel in a town they despise. The series follows their adventures as they adjust to living with each other and without money.

Now, let’s move on to why you should be watching this show! Below are my top five reasons you need to watch Schitt’s Creek (in no particular order.)

  1. David RoseDavid
    I have to say that for me, I found David to be the heart of the show. His father, Johnny, comes a close second! One of the beautiful things about this show is watching how these four unlikeable characters evolve throughout the series. I adored watching this character grow and learn how to stand on his own. He’s such a snarky brat, but at the same time, you just want to hug him! Without giving too much away, I will say his storyline made me laugh and cry (usually at the same time) the most!
  2. Moira RoseMoira
    Some people might find the maternal character a little over the top, however, who does ‘over the top’ better than Catherine O’Hara? Moira is infuriating, hilarious, absolutely bonkers, and I couldn’t have loved her more! Her antics make you want to yell at the tv, all while laughing hysterically. She’s the kind of woman who knows what she wants and how to get it out of people. What’s fantastic about Moira is watching how she does her best to adapt all the while maintaining her composure.
  3. Schitt's Creek TownThe Rose family vs. the Town
    The Rose family and the people of Schitt’s Creek are like watching oil and vinegar trying to get along in the same bowl. However, as you keep watching, they end up melding together just fine! The bonds that they discover in this unassuming town foster real friendships. I loved watching how people in Schitt’s Creek learn to understand the newcomers and vice versa.
  4. Simply the BestOpen Mic Night
    One of my most favorite scenes in the entire series comes from the “Open Mic” episode. Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid) plays a rendition of “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner. I have to admit when I first watched the scene, I did not immediately recognize the song until he hit the chorus. However, I now love this version almost as much as the original! It is a beautiful display of true love and talent!
  5. Moira's WardrobeMoira’s Wardrobe
    Throughout the series, Moira’s outfits are characters themselves! Every time you see her on the screen, she is donning one outrageous costume after another. Each of her looks reflecting the character’s mood and adding to enhancing her behavior. I found myself periodically contemplating how long a look like that would take your average person to pull together in reality!

Another reason I recommend binging this show is that it only consists of six seasons, and the episodes are only 30 minutes! I mean, if that’s not binge-easy, I don’t know what is!

Even though the show ended in April 2020, it’s still collecting accolades with evidence of their most recent wins at the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards on May 27, 2020. The show won a total of six awards, most notably with Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara both winning for Best Lead Actor and Lead Actress, as well as the series receiving the Best Comedy trophy!

I highly recommend Schitt’s Creek to be next on your binge-worthy list!! Let us know if you loved it as much as we did!