Count Down To NO TIME TO DIE With Fandomize’s Best – And Worst – Of James Bond

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Remember this time last year? There were so many films that we were anxiously awaiting to hit the big screen in 2020. Okay, well, most of those releases didn’t see the light of day. Yet. But, of all the films that were due to tee off in 2020, MGM/Universal’s No Time To Die was one the hottest and most anticipated releases for sure. Hell, Daniel Craig hosted Saturday Night Live on March 6th to promote the film! We were that close.

For starters, the film marks the 25th entry in a franchise that’s creeping up on its 60th anniversary. No other franchise in Hollywood comes close; the next closest is Star Wars, but that’s just inched past the 40-year mark. Daniel Craig is set to sing his swan song on the franchise after a grand total of five entries into canon. (That total should have been more, but legal woes and battles for studio rights hindered production.) A new Bond will be cast and the stories will continue on for a whole new generation, that’s a given. But Craig has promised a bookend that will close the chapter on his iteration of Bond that began in 2006’s Casino Royale.

So, with such a monumental occasion on the horizon, why not honor the franchise in proper while we wait for Craig’s grand finale to finally premiere?

Here's every pair of sunglasses James Bond will wear in No Time To Die

So, for the twelve weeks leading up to No Time To Die (hopefully) releasing in theaters on April 8th, we here at Fandomize are going to honor Ian Fleming’s quintessential gentleman spy. We know that there are 24 movies that we’d have to cover. And, trust me, not all of them are worth writing home about either. So, instead, we’ll highlight the crème de la crème of the franchise, Oh, and the most frequently loathed too. We’ll have some other fun along the way too. But to prepare you, here’s the ranking by this particular Bondphile. (Edit – the rankings of The Living Daylights and License To Kill have both flipped upon further review.)

1.) Skyfall
2.) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
3.) Goldfinger
4.) Casino Royale
5.) From Russia With Love
6.) Goldeneye
7.) The Living Daylights
8.) Thunderball
9.) Spectre
10.) For Your Eyes Only
11.) License To Kill
12.) The World Is Not Enough
13.) Octopussy
14.) Quantum Of Solace
15.) The Spy Who Loved Me
16.) You Only Live Twice
17.) Tomorrow Never Dies
18.) Doctor No
19.) Diamonds Are Forever
20.) Live and Let Die
21.) Die Another Day
22.) The Man With The Golden Gun
23.) A View To A Kill
24.) Moonraker

How’d I come up with these rankings? Especially with some controversial selections making up my top ten? Well, you’ll just have to watch for new installments weekly to understand the rationale. And, once Bond’s 25th adventure finally lands on screens, we’ll review Daniel Craig’s grand finale too. We look forward to talking Bond with you and why, today more than ever, a character as glam and bold as Double-oh Seven is worth having around.

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