About us

The Fandomize Family is comprised of a passionate collective of writers who puts the fans first. We’ll never compromise quality for clicks and stand by our team of writers from random fandoms across the globe. It’s time to change the narrative and elevate the fan experience within the media realm. Join us on the journey!

McKenzie Morrell

Founder and Editor-In-Chief

McKenzie runs on spicy miso ramen, donuts, and creative chaos. This wordy, thirty-something is known for her sharp-witted tone, and sarcastic demeanor. Her work experience is diverse: adventures include managing an internationally recognized Trampoline Park, producing and editing, and being an overall tech nerd. During her college years she gained flavorful work experience while interning at WWE, The Jerry Springer Show, and The Steve Wilkos Show. McKenzie’s flare for writing, hosting, and producing unique content across the web inspired her to create Fandomize to get back to her Entertainment Journalism roots.

Denise Caputo

Co-Founder and Managing Editor

A karaoke obsessed, craft beer enthusiast and lover of all things pop culture, Denise enjoys all facets of entertainment from Broadway to box office blockbusters. On a whim, she fell into writing and Entertainment Journalism which helped her fully embrace her inner nerd. In her spare time, Denise can be found out and about shooting photography, at concerts, or spoiling her growing menagerie of pets.

Shikha Bajracharya


Music geek. Professional TV and movie nerd. Typical travelaholic. Passionate food aficionado. Organizer. Pop culture junkie.

Casey Perriccio


When she's not thinking about pulling a Donna Sheridan and moving to Greece to sing Abba songs, Casey enjoys combining her love for creative writing with her love of pop culture. She believes in the power of Steve Harrington's hair and that life is simply better in a pair of overalls.

Kevin Carey


Kevin Carey may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider or traveled to the Upside Down or even sold Dunder Mifflin paper products. But he’s willing and able to write about those who have and so much more. Pop culture, much like tacos, is life. All gray hair grown naturally.

Jerrold Reber


Jerrold spent his childhood in southeastern Pennsylvania ingesting far too many TV shows and movies, thus creating a stark-raving mad geek. His addiction has led to an unhealthy and rabid obsession of various geek pantheons in film and television – Star Trek, Star Wars, both DC *AND* Marvel, James Bond, Supernatural, Doctor Who, cult 80's and 90's television, Lost, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and, and...holy overload! He's still waiting to run away in a 1967 Impala, the Enterprise-D, or a blue police box (bigger on the inside of course).

Naomi MC


A daydreamer at its finest, always found with a pen and a notepad in her hand. Beside the notepad, a comic book was always nearby. Losing touch with her nerdy character for years, she came back full force and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.